Benefits of kids Basketball – Confidence, Teamwork & Fitness

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Basketball is the only team sport where a kids can go one on one. All they need is a ball and a hoop. Basketball allows both boys and girls to start with a simple game that is fun to play and advance as far as they want to take it. The sport helps children stay fit, learn the definition of teamwork, grow confidence and become more assertive. Best of all Basketball is fun!

A Great Work Out
There’s no arguing that playing basketball is a great work out. Players do not have to lift weights, run laps or keep records of progress. They just feel the joy of running of and jumping chasing each other around the court. Dribbling, shooting, passing and rebounding uses all their muscles groups. The skills of dribbling and shooting are great ways to improve a child’s coordination and fine motor skills. The increased coordination along with the speed and agility that can be gained from playing basketball, are skills your child can apply toward any sport or other physical activity. Remember, the real benefit, basketball makes physical activity fun!

Teamwork and Trust are Built on the Court
There is nothing quite like basketball to teach a child the importance of team work. The whole team works together to get a basket. Each player must be able to rely on teammates to accomplish their common goal. Of course, scoring isn’t the only game in town. Players soon learn to appreciate that less glamorous defensive plays and rebounding are as important as taking the ball to the hoop. Because of the players’ reliance on one another, they tend to form deep friendships based on the foundation of trust built on the court.