1. Is my child at the right age to join the program?

A: Our programs are for kids ages 4-15 years old (right now). Kids will be broken up and grouped by age and ability. Our instruction is geared toward the age and skill level of the kids.


2. Do I have to live in Panorama HIlls to be allowed to register my child for the program?

A: NO… You don’t have to live in Panorama Hills community, you can register your child to join our program


3. How long is a training session and what do they consist of?

A: Each training session lasts 35 min to 1 hour depends on the age, ¬†Older kids 9+ will have their sessions of 1 hour… During the session we will cover a variety of skills instruction, depending on the player and/or group
Exclusion to this are practices with limited spaces at the gyms